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Only a test ride in a
white pointer will
capture the sensation
of the legendary non
pounding hull design





Customisation. A White pointer with your DNA!


The White Pointer range caters for serious fishermen who know what they want in a boat. That's why we offer direct access to the builder during the planning stages as well as construction. In fact, new owners often feel a real sense of achievement when their new White Pointer is launched because it has their own fingerprints all over it!

More than 500 different boats have been built under the White Pointer name. However, they all share a number of features in common - such as build quality, superior sea keeping shape and, of course, durability.

Furthermore, the true dimensions of White Pointer Boats make them, by volume, the largest practical layouts for their size. And our building specifications ensure easy acceptance to M.O.T survey, an International independent code of practice.

The team at White Pointer is a long serving crew that also knows exactly what works. But we're also flexible. For example, we can source and supply any power plant of your choice. White Pointer hulls have been tried and tested with dozens of options that have survived harsh conditions on both the East and West Coasts year after year after year.

Whether you want an original layout or a customised version that works specifically for your needs, the relationship with the White Pointer team will be close, collaborative and, dare we say it, "jawsome!".


To produce an exclusive range of alloy boats featuring White Pointer's trademark non-pounding hull design and
tailored to satisfy and exceed the demands of the most demanding fishermen.


Every White Pointer plate alloy boat will deliver the brand's unique "staunch" style, unrivalled performance and flawless finish as standard features.


The original legendary Non Pounding Hull Design
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